Q & A for local organizers

Q: How can I get involved locally?
A: You can get involved in lots of ways:

> Find runners
Contact sports clubs, cultural associations, schools, municipalities, individuals who are passionate about climate change and other local people.
The runner sign up here

> Organise an event in connection with the relay
Register your event here

> Communicate
Share this trailer, placard, spread the word in your workplace and in your other networks so that more people know that the relay goes through your community.

> Be a volunteer during relay
Help driving runners to and from the exchange places, and cheer when switching locations or during the relay.

> Find or be extra runners
During the relay we might need extra runners who can replace a participant in case of an incident. Do you know people who might be excited?
Ask them to register here

Q: Where can I find marketing material?
A: Posters, flyers, banners, templates, etc. are available for download in the toolkit.
Go to the toolkit

Q: Where and when can I see who's going to run?
A: During October, the runners are published on the web, you will then be able to see exactly what distance each runner will run, and even when the person is going to run.

Q: Where and when can I see the exact route?
A: You will find it here.

Q: What’s your opinion about if political parties want to participate?
A: From the project point of view, we think it is nice if politicians want to show their support for the project. Politicians are more than welcome to run or organize / participate in local events. However, we prefer that they do not hold the baton, or if they do, that they hold the baton as a private individual and not as a representative of the political party.

There are several reasons for this:

- One of the main aims of the project is to influence politicians to take radical decisions, politicians are so to say, one of the target groups , locally, regionally and nationally.

- Riksteatern is a politically and religiously independent operations, likewise Run for your life. Run for your life is based on advocating a clearer stance on climate change than the Swedish government does. To participate each person need to endorse our values, get the parliamentary parties stand for, for example, the climate justice as project advocates.

- Run for your life is an art performance and a channel for grassroots voices, not a forum for party political messages.

Q: How is responsibility devided between the national and local coordinators?

A: Local coordinator is responsible for:
• Draw out which roads and places where the relay will take place
• Recruiting participants
• Organize one or more events in connection to the relay
• Can help with the transportation of runners
• Find extra runners in case of necessity

Riksteatern is responsible for:
• Produce the relay, ensure that everything works practically and technically.
• Make sure that the runners schedule works
• Fulfilling the need for marketing materials
• Be responsible for the website and other communication channels of national reach

Q: How will the relay race be organized practically?
A: During the relay race there will be four teams that relieve each other through Europe. Each team consists of a team leader, a driver and a photographer who is responsible for the filming. The team is responsible for the runner and safety on the roads as well.

In Stockholm, Hallunda, there will be an information group staffed during the relay race. The group is responsible for the web site updates, live webcast, to communicate the necessary information to the runners and maintain constant contact with the teams that are out on the roads.

Each runner receives the exact time and place to appear, and are responsible for getting to and from the starting and end point of the route, unless the local coordinator provides transport. Each handoff spot in the relay race is marked with a red and yellow ribbon.

Q: Who is responsible for the runners' safety?
A: Riksteatern’s security officers make a systematic assessment of the race along the route, taking into account risk factors such as traffic, number of runners, time of day, weather, road conditions, work environment, etc. Based on this, a security plan linked to sections, places, people and events along the way is made.

There will always be a team following the relay and the person who is running for the moment. All staff accompanying the race has also received training in risk management, CPR and first aid. Should a major crisis / incident occur, there is also a crisis team at Riksteatern that is responsible to act quickly.

Q: How will the timetable be held?
A: Each participant will receive an exact time and place to appear. The project team will follow the run to support and regulate the speed to make sure that the timetable will be held.

Q: Where can I follow the relay?
A: The entire relay will be broadcast live here on runforyourlife.nu.